Beginning her career in the Alcohol Beverage Industry, Jacqueline has spent over 12 years building brands and developing high performing teams. Jacqueline joined the Cannabis Industry in 2021 as Vice President of Sales for Canndescent, a leading producer of premium cannabis. She has held leadership roles for beverage industry majors such as E&J Gallo Winery and Young’s Market Company. Clearly mapping out sales strategies, providing her sales teams with the right tools and closely tracking execution of these strategies are the straightforward steps Jacqueline credits with expanding the market share of the well-known brands she managed. Examples include growing Tito’s and Jack Daniels into the No. 1 Vodka and Whisky brands, respectively, and establishing Menage a Trois as the No. 1 Red Blend Wine. Jacqueline graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business.