We work together. From our greenhouse cultivation operations to our manufacturing practices, from brand-building to retailing, every branch of Glass House Brands shares the common roots of respect for people, for the environment, and for every community we touch. Each step of the way, we’re inspired to discover synergies that power our progress toward our vision of excellence: outstanding cannabis products, produced sustainably, for the benefit of all.

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Mission & Why Invest

Glass House Brands, is a large-scale vertically integrated cannabis brand-building business in California with a focus on consistent, reliable, quality inputs. Glass House will lead the consolidation of and investment in additional brands to bring them to scale in the world’s largest cannabis market.

Our Brands

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At Glass House Farms we’re proud of what we grow. That’s why our expert cultivators craft our cannabis flower by hand, in state-of-the-art greenhouses, drenched in the SoCal sun. It’s about quality, and every plant we grow is the offspring of an ideal marriage of science and nature.Technology and ingenuity join forces with ocean air and natural light to produce truly outstanding cannabis.


Actress, producer, musician, bestselling-author, and passionate cannabis advocate and consumer Bella Thorne connected with Glass House Farms to curate an exclusive line of products that captures her unique take on our favorite plant. True to her mission of inspiring people to embrace and express who they really are, Forbidden Flowers connects you to your innermost spirit in inimitable style. 

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Mama Sue tinctures combine high-quality California-grown cannabis and ethically sourced, all-natural ingredients in custom formulations created by our in-house industry experts. Our products contain no heavy metals or pesticides and are non-GMO, so you can be good to you.


Inspired by the collaborative spirit of the cannabis community, we take particular pleasure in working with like-minded brands and individuals to produce something special.


Glass House Farms has been proud to collaborate with singer-songwriter, musician, and actress Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service) on this hand-selected, special edition Preroll Pack: Rabbit Hole. Working together, we found a perfect strain and format for enhancing creativity, and have been putting it on shelves throughout California since 2019.

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Legion of Bloom products


The Legion of Bloom is committed to honoring cannabis culture. Our mission is to produce the highest quality products possible, using sustainable and conscious cultivation and extraction processes that protect the purity of the plant. Award-winning flowers and extracts, with no additives, period.